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I create graphic design, photography, films and websites. Everything within one studio, ensuring a consistent language of communication.

I work on engaging projects that require unique imaginative and aesthetic visual solutions. Each work is an individual process, tailored to the budget and needs of the client.

Porsche 911 cars at the corkscrew bend Laguna Seca California

Porsche Classic


Porsche People is an extensive project with the film and portrait photos taken far from ou headquaters. We have produced a film documenting the largest Porsche event in the world.

Andrzej Pągowski


One of the most recognizable graphic designers of the contemporary poster new wave in Poland. Author of many famous compositions advertising films such as: HAIR and Short Film About Killing.

Spizarnia Rydzynska


An image film made with taste is the basis today, so we guarantee that Spiżarnia Rydzyńska will appeal to the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets.

Athletic Training


What’s your excuse today for not doing your daily workout? Jakub knows how to motivate you to act, we know how to make a film and photos for a personal coach.

Heron Hotel ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


A prestigious hotel with a marina and SPA, which will guarantee you the best experiences and memories of all the resorts located on the picturesque Dunajec River.



An important stop on the map of classic cars in Poland. A living proof of what a person with passion and a bit of commitment can create.