Andrzej Pągowski

Image photography, collector’s calendar, music video, event organization

  • Photography
  • Film
  • Collector’s calendar
  • event organization




Increase the recognition of sponsor Virako as a art dream in Poland and Łódź.

We have been invited to produce the Virako calendar and co-create a visual section of it. We had a picture session, calendar photos, a video – Grzegorz Turnau music video, and a music co-production of the event – an intimate calendar release, along with a movie from the event.



We have planned and divided the work into several stages. First we took a photo outdoor, where Andrzej sought to find the frames that would become the background for his graphic – for the calendar cards. We then made a study session for the book publishing house, and a presentation session for the occasion of the opening of the calendar. Our project has been visited by a beautiful nostalgic music video produced in Warsaw, and produced an event – opening of the opening during which the premiere of our artistic activities took place.


Image photography


A portrait photography session in the studio is an opportunity to work alone with the model. In the planned lighting and scene conditions, we take a series of photographs, from which we choose the best composite and the ones that we like most. The idea and patience of the modem is limited by the number of pictures taken. We always look for an intriguing view, positive energy and a relaxed facial expressions that takes a natural form.

A picture session is an attempt to create a certain mood and to narration with a picture. The subject matter adopted is intended to show the personality of the person being photographed and highlight the opportunity of taking pictures of the subject. We create a story that you can tell with words and images. In the following session, we tell the story of a creator who is looking for inspiration in the city around him.


Personal music video


We made a music video that directly refers to the lyrics of Grzegorz Turnau’s song. The lyrics of the song evoke a nostalgic return to the roots and a longing for the place to which life’s attachment feels. Pictures in a video, space that were recorded – are real places that are important to Andrzej Pagowski and have his positive memories. They are happy to return to them, showing us themselves from the regional side of the local patriot. Artist for several generations of Poles.


Collector’s Calendar


We’ve taken all the photos that are the background to your calendar. Together with the artist, we took a walk around Lodz in search of places that can be enriched with graphics, giving them a new artistic meaning. We discussed the idea from concept to color that we wanted to achieve in post-production. It was a long and pleasant journey with a very interesting project.

One of the calendar tabs (September) was physically realized on the wall of a tenement house in Pilsudskiego Street, the main artery of the city.

Limited edition


The Virako calendar is produced in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies. Each is packed in a clean box. A great collector’s building that meets the highest standards.

High end quality


The printing company responsible for this project has made every effort to make the project esthetic in the finest details. The 320gr paper highlighted the unique size of 50cm/50 cm.

Chairity goal


All revenue from the sale of the calendar was earmarked for support of Łódź “environmental lights”, whose support took part in educational and artistic workshops.


A opening event


The end of four months of intensive work was the opening – a gala event for invited guests, connected with a concert, and a auction of the first 10 copies, accompanied by the signature of the artist. We participated in the organization of the event – we were responsible for the visual part and the presentation of the calendar. We also directed to the launch of a music video to live music by Grzegorz Turnau. In total, more than EUR 20000 has been raised, which has indeed helped the charity of the project.

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