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HHUUMM is a brand that gives you pleasure of using the products. HHUUMM products are designed to meet all standards with every detail to best meet customer expectations.

You can see this on the new HHUUMM website that is solid and effective with refined details.



A dedicated solution, tailored to fit your mobile phone. This is a modern online shop – you can buy in a few steps.


Production process video


Seeing is believing. Video is often an easier way to explain how something works than a complicated description of technology. The production process video is very concise, it allows you to understand the process from different points of view and to see its important steps. The video explains to the viewer how an object is designed and opens up their imagination to the applications of the product.

The customer wanted to show the process quite carefully so that investors can see exactly how the product is made and what the substrate of the product looks like.



We decided to use as few stimuli as possible and focus on maximizing the functionality of the online store, i.e. the shortest path from decision to purchase.



A designer online store is a challenge to the imagination. Creating a transparent form requires many attempts and constant testing. We check every tiniest detail during production.



If you need to show a process that makes your company stand out, a proper video will be the best way to show the substance of the matter. We will clearly present the process that is important to you and your business environment, and so, add to your image.

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