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The Cargo Move logistics operator offers a full range of services for shipping goods by sea. Arrangement and operation of freight transport within and outside Europe offers the opportunity for far-reaching trade, taking into account the individual needs of the client and freight challenges. Cargo Move is a marine freight expert.

The company needed a recognizable, transport-related identification and a clear information website.



Comprehensive branding gave the company full control over its graphic identity. The created content has been used in logos, stationery, business cards, on the website and in graphic info.


Key visual


We’ve designed a complete brand book and helped register the rights online. Beautiful design goes hand in hand with functionality and simplicity that the transport industry appreciates. If you want to move a lot of merchandise from a long distance, and travel time isn’t your priority – consider Cargo Move as your supplier and freight planner. The popularity of this form of transport is mainly due to the attractive level of cost-effectiveness of the service. In the case of transport by sea, the goods are transported in containers, refrigerated containers or holds in the case of products without packaging or in tankers suitable for carrying liquid substances.



We decided to use a pallet representing the colors of water and air-related elements. The blue tones proved to be a bullseye and perfectly complemented the logo in terms of brand association with a specific field.



For this customer, we have also designed icons that graphically represent the individual departments in the company that handle different modes of transport.



The simple combination of a graphical interpretation of a container and a text consisting of the client’s own name resulted in a  simple, closed graphic symbol composition. The customer and his stakeholders have taken a liking to this logo.

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