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A world leader in production of polyurethane foams contacted us with a need for a corporate video. The video depicts the production process of a newly opened factory and follows the chain of activities leading to creation of new value.



Well-planned cinematic workflow comes down to taking shots that make up a complete video in the editing process. The client’s briefing was very clear, so our work was devoid of unplanned surprises. The script quite precisely defined what was to be recorded, so the work went very smoothly.


Production process video


Seeing is believing. Video is often an easier way to explain how something works than a complicated description of technology. The production process video is very concise, it allows you to understand the process from different points of view and to see its important steps. The video explains to the viewer how an object is designed and opens up their imagination to the applications of the product.

The customer wanted to show the process quite carefully so that investors can see exactly how the product is made and what the substrate of the product looks like.




The language of film is universal and understandable all over the world. A documentary shows the process for what it is. It explains, instructs and inspires. It explains what needs to be explained and shows the process in an understandable and accessible way.



We are mostly visual learners. We associate and remember more easily through vision. One of the primary roles of a video is the educational function. It is thanks to it that we get to know our world easier and understand the context of events more broadly.



If you need to show the process that distinguishes your company – video will be the best method of showing the merits of the case. We will clearly show the process that is important to you and the environment of your business, so adding to your image.

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