Graphic presentation.

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Knowit is a brand that supports businesses and organizations in digital transformations, simplifies people’s everyday lives and creates secure and innovative solutions that meet sustainability goals.



Several images and key phrases are worth more than endless essays. We’ve made a graphical presentation that explains the entire concept.


Graphic presentation


We have based the graphic presentation on a comprehensive interview, so that we could establish the strong and weak sides of the project. Workflow management enables  us to create a product which meets the client’s needs and presents aspects that are important from the business point of view. We’d love to help you as well.




We have chosen stimulating colors. I have selected cheerful colors that bring freshness and modernity to mind. The functionality of this choice is an easy way to communicate key information and emphasize important sentences.



Attention can also be effectively drawn through contrast. Color has a key function, but simple graphic accents, which the recipient can identify with specific areas, are equally important. The correct layout is crucial.



In order for it to be easy to remember, the amount of information that we provide to viewers must be skillfully balanced. The page count and the amount of content on each page is crucial. The balance between and graphic content has a key impact on the learning process.

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