Yellowstone Club

visual concept

  • Visual concept
  • Object photography
  • Advertising film
  • Information content
  • UI / UX mockups
  • website



Co-creating content, UX UI mockups, creating photos, videos, website and connecting all together with an online campaign for the private Yellowstone Club resort in Big Sky, Montana, USA is a more than two-year project made in cooperation with (HUG) London.



We have assembled a team of UX / UI designers, animators, and developers who efficiently put up the imaginary typeface of the website. Thanks to good communication, it was possible to act quickly and verify the previously developed mock-ups. We took photos and an advertising film showing this beautiful place so that everything together constitutes a subtle offer to buy a property. Everything is in close cooperation with the agency representing the client.

big sky resort montana view of the main building

Real estate photography

The photos taken during our two visits to the client show the created situations strictly defined by the client. The photos were to be taken naturally without involving any additional lighting and without any post-production interference other than basic color-correction. The client wanted the scenes presented to be as natural as possible, so that they did not evoke the feeling of the created world, but were a kind of reference to the holiday album, which each of us performs in an intuitive way.

The photos of the real estate in this case show the area of 400 km2 of private space included in the top 10 real estate in the world. The investment worth over $ 500 million attracted names such as Gates, Affleck, Timbarlake, Bundchen, Weiskopf. The scale of the project is breathtaking and the attention to detail is impressive. More than 500 independent properties are serviced by 650 permanent employees.


Advertising films

Yellowstone Club is an outdoor activity. There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing. The client ordered shots showing activities within YC. The individual shots create the character of this place, reflecting them 100%. The video is published on social media and the website. Pictures without sound allow the viewer to move to the places shown and let their imagination run wild. The films that were made are documentaries with an advertising tinge. They take the viewer into the world of wonderful moments, and give the imagination a field to show off. They fit perfectly into the visual concept of the venture and had a lot on our portfolio and experience.


Visual concept


From the very beginning, the client focused on the narrative with the image. Emotions that accompany us when we indulge in our favorite outdoor activities are important. The family with which we want to spend as much free time as possible is important. Yellowstone Club enables a person to fully integrate with nature in a truly American style. Visuality affects the website visitor at every step. The site contains many more photos than descriptions. The visual concept and storytelling are to encourage membership of an elite club of people who can afford to buy a mansion or apartment within Big Sky Resort in Montana, USA.


The website in the public domain is informative and advertising. The cost of purchasing a square meter of real estate is so high that those interested in the transaction do not condition the purchase from the online offer. The direction given by the client was – let it be a family album, from which we will find out how we spent the best vacation ever.

elegant, subdued


The nature of the client’s persona determined the colors, icons and functions that we had to include on the website. Easy access to information and contact were the basic guidelines when planning the website’s UX.

the experience as a product


Together with the agency representing the client, we found the language of communication in the area of experiences and experiences that are the consequence of purchasing real estate in the Yellowstone Club area.

elitism and uniqueness


The entire YC area is a gated city with residents belonging to the community. A sense of happiness, warmth and security are the main advantages of this place. Each season has its advantages here.

Content concept


What is important for wealthy people? Good company and a long healthy life. The website builds information using simple messages, the order of which has been precisely defined in the client’s mock-up. The feeling of uniqueness and “simple living” is to accompany the visitors from beginning to end. The only extravagance – it is weather information and conditions on the slopes, provided online and in pdf, sent by e-mail in the agreed schedule.

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