Interior and real estate photography
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  Photographing the interior of the micro-apartment – an apartment that has undergone a metamorphosis by a talented interior designer, Łucja Zielińska.


  The work was done without prior documentation. The interior and property photography was taken on one day in the afternoon and evening hours. The photos were used to promote the company social media channels, distinguishing itself from the others with high quality.

Interior and real estate photography


  Professional photos of interiors and real estate gives the designer opportunity to show them to others. At the same time, we can focus the attention of recipients on the accents we choose, showing what we are satisfied with. The photos of architecture are taken also by contractors – such as carpenters, plasterers, textile. They also help real estate agents create sales announcements, and finally they serve architects who use them to present their portfolios. it is a kind of meditation while we are shooting. We have to understand the architect’s intentions well, which, when the design is properly made, seem obvious and tangible. Contrasting colors are interesting combinations that are a testing ground for the photographer’s eye. Good photos of interiors are due to the appropriate lighting of the scenery and the right composition. The tilt shift lenses are helpful as they allow you to effectively correct perspective while maintaining perpendicular and parallel lines.

Interior photography

In every apartment there are places where we feel good and where we especially like to be. Architecture photography pays special attention to them and fuels the viewer’s desire to surround themselves with the warmth of a home hearth.

Interior lighting

The space seems larger when it is well lit with natural light coming through the windows. The temperature of the white light, which dissipates inside after dark, is also of key importance. Light can completely change the interior.

Photography colors

Intense colors resound against the subdued background. It’s just like in nature, where colorful accents draw attention against the background. We imitate nature the more skilfully the more beautiful the interior is.

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