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We have been with DOJO Stara Wieś since its inception in 2010. We have immortalized the beauty of this place many times in many films and photos. On various occasions, we created productions for the promotion of the center and events organized on its premises. Multimedia productions for the hotel industry emphasize the importance of the facility and show the world what distinguishes your facility from others.



Reportage films created during the events are a great memento and testimony of bygone moments. To this day, promotional films emphasize the importance of recorded events, showing the possibilities of the DOJO to those who are looking for a place to implement their ideas. Photographs of surroundings made by UAV show the scale and momentum of this investment, including a bird’s-eye view made with the use of drone photos.


Sports temple photography


The film and photos for the hotel, which were taken on the occasion of the Sakura festival, reflect one of the most beautiful seasons in DOJO – spring awakening. The photos of the center show its scale and place it on the map of the area. Photographs from the drone reflect its beauty and show its greatness and potential.


Choose a professional production of photos and videos that present your object. Remember that it is also on their basis that customers decide to stay in your resort or hotel.


Film and photos for the hotel


On the occasion of many events, we created films for the needs of their organizers. A reportage film is the best way to stop the events for longer and show their uniqueness. With the help of a film, we can reach many recipients at the same time showing it in the appropriate media and supporting its views in an organic way. Watch our film productions and see what this place smells like.


Video and photos for your property will help you attract new customers. You can use them not only on your website, in social media, but also on external websites such as or Airbnb.


We create multimedia for small, medium, and large facilities, showing their best attributes from the point of view of their visitors. We invite you to cooperate with your facility.

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